Saturday, April 18, 2009

Useful free software and information site

Something free is always a good idea to explore. This is the case with where free software appears daily. You never really know what will be coming up each day but you do know it is useful software.

When on the site it is nice to explore around as well and discover little gems that are available. In regard to the free software that is given out there is one catch.

If you download it you also download an authorization code. This means you download and install the software within 24 hrs. of the offer and use the code to activate the software. It is then and onwards free to use but since you did not spend money you usually have no support or help desk to ask questions to if you are stuck.

Normally the software speaks for itself and it is useful.

Check out the North Bay Homepage link

This is another useful site covering everything about North Bay Ontario in Canada.

Friday, February 8, 2008

AGLOCO and My Power Mall - update

AGLOCO is now Dead

AGLOCO as a view bar and community has grown even slower, weaker, and less active on a continual basis so that it has reached a frozen state. Whether it is a technical issue of the volume of members freezing the server and bandwidth AGLOCO is dead.

It is a rough job and a tough job to try the implementation
of group ownership of the internet.

They have officially announced their departure from the internet concept. When I click the link I get the message The server at is taking too long to respond. It might be said that this could have been the same message AGOLCO might have for the users of internet.

As a concept they were perhaps even overcerebral and did not
have the revenue to sustain its growth to maturity. It is
a long haul over the internet to advance a concept.
I suspect time, money and resources are the
challenge that could not be met.

I do not know if they are even alive but the past help address was the contact address. It was a free
and and promising idea that everyone could participate
in and possibly over time earn revenue just for
being there and using it.

My Power Mall Excitement has Whithered

My Power Mall still is a growing dynamic group that are international in scope
and from all reports doing a successful business. There is lot of feedback
to the Mall owners which can act as a motivator.

But, I find that I just do not buy enough things online to make the discounts that are promised. Again it is something that may work well for people that are very well suited to online shopping. As a consumer I fail to make the grade required to realize the saving that are possible.

Maybe I am not fully committed but I do still offer it to those who are committed. They have a serious back room office and are well put together so I think my shyness to them is the 9-Tier Shopping Rebate System. Maybe it is to real unreal or complex for me personally. never the less it seems to be successful with many. Have a look through my own store to see what it is about My Power Mall.

Consumer and the entrepreneur opportunities of the My Power Mall are still worth a looking at because of the dual opportunity. Again it is a concept that has appeal just as the AGLOCO concept had appeal.

Both philosophies behind each concept seem to be based on a duality
of business and personal. Each compliments the other and gives
direct benefits the for the user.

Only the My Power Mall is running strong and still in an expansion mode.
There must still be a community out there that was the basis of ALGOCO
and I wonder where they are and what has replaced them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar is now HERE

AGLOCO has released its viewbar and it is now ready
for members to download now.

AGLOCO community has grown even larger, stronger, and more active on a continual basis. The goal is that each Member of the AGLOCO community to begin earning their share of the wealth generated on the Internet.
The free membership has promise.

Here is how to download and launch your Viewbar:

1. Go to the AGLOCO website at
and login to get to your Member Account page.
There is now a “Download the Viewbar” button on that page.
2. Simply click the Viewbar download button and follow the download directions. Please click “Run” when offered to Run, Save or Cancel.
3. You will need to enter your Account ID# (or email address) and your AGLOCO account password to activate your Viewbar.
4. After you download the Viewbar, you can launch it for first time by going to your Windows Start Menu and clicking on the AGLOCO Viewbar Icon.

It is interesting that the volume of members could slow down or even freeze the server and take up all bandwidth. This may be a sign of success or limited resources. I choose success. It takes a massive amount of members to start to influence the way the web works. By joining you become part of a change that brings the net back to you. I suspect there will be ups and downs to the implementation but intend to ride it out.

If too many Members are downloading at the same time you may not be able to get immediate access to the Viewbar (a “timed-out” or “no access” page may appear). If this happens, please try again after a short while. If you have a Norton firewall you may be asked to allow access to “viewbar.exe” and “update.exe” (please check “Permit Access Always” for proper installation of the Viewbar).

The Viewbar is currently available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista and will work with IE (Internet Explorer) or Firefox browsers. When ads start to appear on your Viewbar, please be aware that the Viewbar ad targeting system will not be fully active at first (this will not impact your accumulation of AGLOCO hours).

If you encounter any problems during the download process, please send your questions to so that we can assist you.

Remember you must be signed in as a member. It is free and it is promising. Growth over time will show its results. Give it a go because you have nothing to lose especially if you are in earlier and experience the growth.

fsl North Bay -

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Power Mall Excitement

My Power Mall Excitement

Yes, My Power Mall looks like almost like any other online mall out there but the difference is that you can own it and use it as a personal shopping space or operate it as a business space. You can shop in it with discounts as a personal user or as a business user. You have to be either a personal user or a business user but you cannot be both.

Operating a business or having the entrepreneur spirit in you is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is the beauty of the My Power Mall set up. Everyone can participate and receive discounts on purchases. The personal user gets a larger discount than a business account.

It makes sense that a personal user gets a better discount not a business user. It makes sense because the shopper wants discounts, wants selection and wants brand store quality if they want it. They are there to shop and have the convenience of online shopping.

You get as a consumer, a larger discount with the personal account than the business account. The rational is that the business account will be making some profit in the future if they work at it. The business account still gets the opportunity to make purchases themselves but they get a smaller discount on the goods. I think this is good rational that is fair to both parties and encourages the use of personal shopping online.

My Power mall seems to give it all with a selection covering a large territory of products. It offers the consumer and the entrepreneur opportunity that is free and secure. It is worth a look at. This is not something of the future; it is the ever present now.

The nice thing is that it is free to the consumer and the business person.
You just have to take a look and decide to be a personal user or business user.

website: FSL North Bay
Email: FSL North Bay

Thursday, May 3, 2007

AGLOCO a Social Economic network

AGLOCO a new social economic network site promises a good future for its members. The concept is that everyone using the INTERNET does so without any direct economic benefit. Any benefit goes to the search engine people, the advertisers, sponsors, and network people etc.

When you join this
AGLOCO you become part of an INTERNET community.
It is FREE to join. You only do what you would normally do on the INTERNET. You being on the INTERNET can make you money.

The catch if it is a catch is that you have a tool-bar placed on your browser. It is a search tool and not in any manner a spy-ware mechanism. The idea apparently is not a new one but it may be here at the right time and place.

Money that normally would go to the search engines, networks etc. would go to
AGLOCO . Since you are part of this community, the money would be shared and eventually some would trickle back to you.

It is FREE, the promise is good, the tool-bar is still in beta form, the timing seems right , it sounds a easy and may be a windfall benefit from the INTERNET. You can try it out at AGLOCO or at least have a look at it.

I think it sounds OK and there is nothing to lose.
Let me know what you think of the idea. It seems to be gathering momentum and if the wind catches its sails ,who knows, you might receive a cheque.

FSL North Bay

Free Classified Ads in North Bay Ontario

Ads cost you money when advertising promoting selling buying announcing or giving away items, goods, service or materials. Getting your message out so that people see it is a costly adventure if it is done in a conventional manner of newspaper radio and television.

My purpose in the Free Classified Ad service is to allow an individual a chance to save money when trying to sell their items, goods or service. One thing that is important is that the site is manually run with no automated site self made entries.

Manual editing and posting I think of it as being more personable.
It allows for a monitoring of the site and personal contact with the client.

What do you favor - Automated sites or monitored manual sites?

FSL Northbay

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Social Communication
requires Thinking Skills

What is amazing with internet is the number of people who have not met each other, but believe that they know each other through their keyboard. You might think that this is far fetched until you look into the virtual communities that have formed through the use of technology. Students of University and College ages have never been without keyboards. Keyboard contact has become a global. Close circles of friends has grown to global communication of like minds. Not necessarily friends where it started but of keyboards and commentary.

Communication from one soul to others can be private with levels of access, permissions or open world collaboration. Various networks have communication with different purposes.

evolving categories are Social Media Websites, Networking Sites, Bookmarking Sites,Media Sharing Sites,Photo Sharing sites,Wiki’s,Community sites and mixes of the above. The commonality of it all is communal communication and connectivity.

What is real and not virtual is that social network people spend a lot of time with their machines talking and keyboarding much the way that I am doing now. Do these connectivity media using personal powerful communication tools develop a herd instinct in thinking or do they give cultural options in thinking? I believe the jury is still out on that question. There is both a lot of diversity and sameness of opinions. There is a lot of good stuff and mistrusts out there that have to be separated by the reader.

Whether it is a face book, flickr, dig, friends, linked in,, zappuu, you tube, google video, wikipedia, agolco, or others the person at the keyboard should be thinking not reacting when posting material. Thinking and not responding produces an intelligent content. Thinking is more than reading the facts screen. Communication within virtual communities has the power to influence many people you do not physically know see or heard of before you type in your text. Do not type randomly without thought.

Developing some thinking skills with something like Mind Tools or similar sites. Thinking goes a long way to improve the social media networks. Thinking skills separate the good social sites and the bling bling sites. Enjoy your keyboard, enjoy your sites. Think properly and stay connected to real people doing real things gaining real experiences. Connectivity and communication is with real people.

FSL North Bay