Friday, February 8, 2008

AGLOCO and My Power Mall - update

AGLOCO is now Dead

AGLOCO as a view bar and community has grown even slower, weaker, and less active on a continual basis so that it has reached a frozen state. Whether it is a technical issue of the volume of members freezing the server and bandwidth AGLOCO is dead.

It is a rough job and a tough job to try the implementation
of group ownership of the internet.

They have officially announced their departure from the internet concept. When I click the link I get the message The server at is taking too long to respond. It might be said that this could have been the same message AGOLCO might have for the users of internet.

As a concept they were perhaps even overcerebral and did not
have the revenue to sustain its growth to maturity. It is
a long haul over the internet to advance a concept.
I suspect time, money and resources are the
challenge that could not be met.

I do not know if they are even alive but the past help address was the contact address. It was a free
and and promising idea that everyone could participate
in and possibly over time earn revenue just for
being there and using it.

My Power Mall Excitement has Whithered

My Power Mall still is a growing dynamic group that are international in scope
and from all reports doing a successful business. There is lot of feedback
to the Mall owners which can act as a motivator.

But, I find that I just do not buy enough things online to make the discounts that are promised. Again it is something that may work well for people that are very well suited to online shopping. As a consumer I fail to make the grade required to realize the saving that are possible.

Maybe I am not fully committed but I do still offer it to those who are committed. They have a serious back room office and are well put together so I think my shyness to them is the 9-Tier Shopping Rebate System. Maybe it is to real unreal or complex for me personally. never the less it seems to be successful with many. Have a look through my own store to see what it is about My Power Mall.

Consumer and the entrepreneur opportunities of the My Power Mall are still worth a looking at because of the dual opportunity. Again it is a concept that has appeal just as the AGLOCO concept had appeal.

Both philosophies behind each concept seem to be based on a duality
of business and personal. Each compliments the other and gives
direct benefits the for the user.

Only the My Power Mall is running strong and still in an expansion mode.
There must still be a community out there that was the basis of ALGOCO
and I wonder where they are and what has replaced them.